A PR with a little help from my kids

A PR with a little help from my kids

The St. Patrick’s Day 4 Miler was not a race that was on my 2013 calendar until 2 weeks ago. Jeff was planning to run it before life got in the way. The really nice people at M3SSports let us change the registration to my name, Thank you M3S! I had no idea what I would be able to do in terms of pace or overall time. With Jeff traveling this past week, I think I ran maybe twice? I skipped my speed work last week. You get the drift….I wasn’t nearly as prepared as I usually am for a PR attempt.

Friday afternoon…kid #1 has a high fever. Again. He was sick 2 weeks ago. Complained of a sore throat. Seeing that it was the end of the business day, I got the pediatrician’s office on the phone and they said, call at 8:00 am, we’ll get you in on Saturday. Ok. Saturday morning, he wakes up with a 103* fever and doesn’t want to get out of bed. I feel helpless as I’m dragging him to the doctor’s office. Technically, carrying him, but he’s 6 years old 48″ and 54lbs….luckily, I work out! Diagnosis….Scarlet Fever. WHAT?! I panicked (all internally so he doesn’t freak out, score one for mom!). I had NO clue that Scarlet Fever still existed. The doc tells me it’s Strep Throat with a rash. Ok. Very treatable. Whew.

To make a short story really long, at this point, I’m obviously thinking NO GO on the race. It was a 6:00 pm start as there were a band and party after the race. We asked a few friends if they wanted to run, but nobody was available on such short notice.

Antibiotics and Benadryl seemed to be doing wonders and he was acting normal towards the afternoon. Jeff says “Go, race. We’ve got this”. I hemmed and hawed for another hour or so. Then finally decided, well, it’s “only” a 4-mile race, I won’t be gone long.

I decided to run this race for my little man. He’s been through a lot and still managed to keep a smile (mostly) on his face. I was going to try my hardest for a PR.

I met up with Best Running Friend (BRF) Jamie and her family before the start of the race, then we searched for our running group. (Jamie’s husband was running this so she and the kids were out to cheer for us!). Luckily, we also found Erin and Sarah from our Saturday morning group and I found out Erin was hoping to run about my pace or a little faster. Yay! I would have someone close by.

35* and windy at the start of the race. Yuck! Erin and I lined up just behind the 8:00mm pacer as I wanted to beat 33:49 (avg 8:27mm). I had even set the Virtual Pacer on my Garmin and discovered that I LOVE that feature! We took off and the first mile, I know I went out too fast. I knew I couldn’t maintain that pace for the whole race. I kept telling Erin to go ahead if she could. We played some leapfrog but remained close the whole time.

I was determined to do my best. I ran hard. Anytime my brain wanted me to give up, I thought of my little guy and I held on.

We hit mile marker 3 and I was wishing it was a 5k instead of a 4mile race! I also knew that I could hang on for one more mile. There was one point right around the 3-mile mark that I was even with or a little behind my virtual pacer. Seeing that angry blinking screen on my watch made me step it up a notch. Finally….the finish line! I gave it everything I had at the end and finished strong.

It’s funny, but after 3.5 years of running, after 3.5 years of racing, my brain STILL gets in my way during road races.

Race 5 done for #13in2013 and a PR to start off my road racing season. Not bad for a race I wasn’t going to run…..

Official Results

Time: 33:15 (8:19mm pace)

Overall Place: 162/1100

Age Group Place: 29/(I stopped counting at 250…)

Edit: Best part? I was able to get home for bedtime since it was a shorter race and close to home! Kid #1 is doing better and luckily is no longer contagious thanks to the antibiotics. We’re really looking forward to spring!